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At Starz Choice we stock all the essentials your child will need for class. We carry a variety of dance wear, shoes and accessories from quality companies. Our staff is available to ensure proper fitting for shoes.


For your convenience and to make sure your child has the correct shoes for class we recommend purchasing them from our Boutique.





Combo 1 & 2

Pink leotard (skirt optional), pink tights, black tap shoes and pink ballet shoes.


Combo 3

Pink leotard (no skirt), pink tights, tan tap shoes, pink ballet shoes, tan jazz shoes.



Black leotard, pink tights, ballet or pointe shoes. (No underwear or sports bra)



Same as Ballet



Leotard, tank top or sports bra with shorts or leggings. No loose fitting clothes or T-shirts. No shoes required.


Jazz/Tap/Hip Hop

Any style of dancewear. (No t-shirts or jeans) Tap and Jazz shoes.


Hip Hop Shoes

Sneakers with a smooth bottom that will be worn in class only and NOT outside. Sneaker must have laces. No slip-ons.


Hair must be worn in a bun for ballet, lyrical & contemporary and in a ponytail for all other classes. Hair should be neat and secure. Buns must include a bun builder, bobby pins, gel and hair spray. Hair in the face is a distraction to the dancer. No excessive jewelry in class.


Students must wear street shoes to and from the studio. Entering or exiting the building barefoot or in dance shoes is not allowed. Wearing your dance shoes outside can not only ruin the shoes but cause damage to our floors.

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